Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean
**Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant ** poke and ramen right next blueocean
**Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant** poke and ramen right next blueocean

                            BLUE OCEAN SUSHI SPECIAL ROLL



 1.Aug 08 2016 roll  (12pc) in- salmon tuna,red snapper cuc, avo

 2.Hellow kitty roll   in- crab,cuc, shrimp, cream cheese   / top- avo stick crab fish egg

 3. Princess roll   in- stick crab, cuc, shrimp   / top- salmon

 4.Sour salmon roll

 5. Beautiful tonight roll   in- crab, cuc, shrimp  / top- spicy tuna, spicy crab, deep fried shrimp

 6.Sushi burrito  roll  in- spicy tuna, crab, spicy tuna, avo ,cuc, albacore, mango

 7.Play boy roll    in- crab, cuc, shrimp    / top- avo tuna

 8. Yummy yummy  in- cream cheese avo cuc  / top- salmon, tuna, fish egg

 9,Cancun roll   in- crean cheese, spicy crab   /top- tuna,kiwi,mango, pineapple, strawberr

 10.Fire Las vegas roll  in-spicy tuna, cream cheese,grenn chile  deep fried / top-spicy crab

 11.Triple delight roll  in- spicy tuna, cream cheese, green chile  deep fried

 12.Monkey brains roll   in- spicy tuna crab, deep fried

 13.Spider man roll  in- spicy crab, cuc shrimp   / top deep freid shrimp

 14.Beast roll   in- crab, cuc, shrimp   / top- spicy crab

 15.Super spider roll  in- shrimp crab, cuc, avo spft sheel crab

 16.Strawbrries roll   in- crab, cuc shrimp    / top- white tuna ,strawbrries

 17.Von miller roll   in- spicy crab, cream cheese  / top- salmon, stawbrries

 18.Crazy girl  roll   in- crab, cuc, shrimp   / top-salmon. mango

 19. White wave roll    in-crab, cuc, shrimp   / top -white tuna,, fish egg

 20, Lion king roll  in-crab, cuc, shrimp  / top avo stick crab, fish egg

 21. shrimp twist roll   in- crab, cuc, shrimp   / top-deel fried shrimp

 22.New mexico roll  in- spicy tuna, cuc    top- yellowtail, jalapeno

 23.Pueblo roll   in- spicy tuna , cuc   / top- salmon, green chile

 24, The bomb  roll  in - spicy tuna, cuc  top- avo , eel

 25.crazy boy in-crab,cuc,shrimp  top- tuna green chil


 27 Fire cracker roll    in-spicy tuna, cream cheese   / top- deep fried green chile

 28.flying roll in cream cheese salmon avo  top-eeg

 29.sweetlady roll  in-spicy crab,cuc, fried shrimp   top-red snaller kiwi

 30.fat santa   in-fried shrimp and crab cuc, avo, crab

 31.funday roll  in-cream sheese ,chile,avo deep fried   top-crab


Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant

103 S UNION AVE #110
PUEBLO, CO 81003

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 *TUESDAY : 11:00AM -8:00PM


 *THURSDAY :11:00-AM-8:00PM

 *FRIDAY :11:00AM-9PM



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