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Blue Ocean
**Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant ** poke and ramen right next blueocean
**Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant** poke and ramen right next blueocean


.  1. Alaska roll  in-crab,cuc,avo / top -salmon

  2.Avocado  roll    in-crab,cuc,avo  /top- avocado

  3.Philadephia roll  in- cream cheese, avo, salmon

  4.Seared salmon roll  in-crab,cuc, avo  / top- seared salmon

  5.Badda- bing roll  in- spicy tuna, cream cheese fried shrimp

  6,California  roll    in- crab, cuc ,avo

  7 . Golden cail  roll  in- crab, cu, avo deep fried

  8.Calamari roll   in- crab, cuc, avo, deep fried calamari

  9.Colorado roll   in- crab,cuc, avo  / top- seared salmon

  10.Cowboy roll   in-spicy tuna, cuc,  /  top- fresh tuna, jalapeno

 11.Caterpillar roll    in- crab, cuc, avo  / top- eel ,avo

 12,Green dragon roll   in- eel cuc, shrimp  / top-avo

 13.Red dragon  roll   in- crab, cuc, avo   / top- spicy tuna

 14, Dragon roll    in- crab, cuc, avo  / top- eel

 15,Hidden dragon roll   in- shrimp, cuc, crab / top- eel, fish egg

 16Sunrise roll   in spicy carb, cuc    / top/ fresh tuna

 17,Star roll   in-crab, cuc shrimp  /  top- mango

 18.Sunshine roll  in- spicy crab, cuc, shrimp   / top- mango

 19, Full moon roll   in-cream cheese, avo green hile  / top- salmon

 20. spicy crunch roll  in- crab, cuc, shrimp  / top- spicy crab

 21.Tnt roll    in- spicy tuna,cuc   / top- avo, jalapeno

 22.Garden roll  in- spicy tuna, cuc    / top- albacore, jalapeno

 23. Sexy roll    in- crab, cuc ,shrimp   / top- fresh tuna, white tuna

 24.Las vegs roll  in- cream cheese, avo, fish, stick crab deep fried  / top spicy crab

 25,Christi roll    in- cream cheese, avo, salmon   / top- salmon

 26.Avalanche rill  in-cream cheese, avo, stick crab, fhis  deep fried    / top- spicy mayo fish egg

 27.Volcano roll   in-crab, cuc ,avo    / top- albacore, scallop

 28. Dynamite roll   in- crab, cuc, avo    / top- baked

 29.Honey moon roll  in-spicy tuna, cream cheese   / top- avo, fish egg

 30. Funky roll   in-spicy tuna ,cuc   / top- salmon, fish egg

 31,Crunch roll   in- crab  cuc shrimp

 32. Spider roll    in-  crab,cuc,avo,shell crab

 33,Hotnight roll  in-crab.cuc ,shrimp  / top- spicy tuna

 34,Sky roll    in-spicy crab, cuc,   / top- salmon, avo

 35,Hawaiian roll    in- spicy tuna   / top- tuna, avo

 36.Hollywood roll   in- crab, cuc , shrimp    /top-tuna

 37.Golden phila  in- salmon,avo, cream cheese deep fried

 38.Spicy tempura roll   in spicy tuna  deep fried   / top- fish egg

 39.Thunder roll   in- deep fried salmon, cuc    / top -salmon jalapeno

 40.In&out roll    in- spicy crab,cuc    / top- sushi shrimp

 41.Mexican roll   in- spicy crab, cuc,    / top- avo

 42.Tiger  roll   in- crab, cuc shrimp   / top- fish egg

 43.Bronco roll    in- spicy crab, cuc     / top- tuna , white tuna

 44,Rainbow  roll   in- crab, cuc   / top -fresh fish

 45.spicy crab rainbow  roll   in- spicy crab, cuc   / top- fresh fish

 46, spicy tuna rainbow  roll  in- spicy tuna, cuc   /  top- fresh fish

 47.Spicy scallop roll   in - crab, cuc ,avo  / top- spicy scallop

 48.Double shrimp roll   in- crab, cuc. shrimp   / top- avo shsui shrimp

 49.salmon roll

 50. tuna roll

 51, cuc roll 

 52.Yellowtaill roll

 53.veg roll

 54, salmon skin roll

 55.spicy tuna roll

 56, spicy crab roll

 57,spicy crab hand roll

 58. Spicy tuna hand roll

 59.Crab hand roll

 60, Eel hand roll

 61,Skin hand roll



Blue Ocean Japanese Restaurant

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 *FRIDAY :11:00AM-9PM



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